More Science Surprises from Dr. Zed


32 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-920775-70-5
DDC j502'.8




Illustrations by Tina Holdcroft
Reviewed by Ian W. Toal

Ian Wylie Toal is a Martindale-based freelance science writer.


This pleasant little book has a simple concept—to present activities
that “have been carefully selected to give children a hands-on
introduction to science.”

That the book is done well should really be no surprise. Dr. Zed is
part of the OWL/Chickadee organization, which has been bringing science
and nature to Canadian children for some time. This book has an OWL
designation, which means that it is aimed at a younger audience (9 and
under). It contains more than 30 activities that this age group will
find fun to do, and manages to slip in enough science to make them more
than “gee whiz” demonstrations.

This hands-on book got immediate hands-on testing when it came into my
house. My 8-year-old son was able to do most of the activities on his
own, and afterwards I was able to explain to him (using the information
presented for each activity at the back of the book) exactly what was
going on. The book also received favorable reviews from his teacher.

My copy of the book has been used a lot, and is no worse for the wear.
The pages open flat, the spine doesn’t crack, and the pages are thick
enough to take frequent turning. All in all, it’s a good book, one
that should make learning fun.


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