Exploring the World of Birds: An Equinox Guide to Avian Life


72 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-920656-94-3
DDC j598




Reviewed by Janet Arnett

Janet Arnett is the former campus manager of adult education at Ontario’s Georgian College. She is the author of Antiques and Collectibles: Starting Small, The Grange at Knock, and 673 Ways to Save Money.



This is a beautiful, informative book suitable for ages 10 to adult. For
children, the clear yet detailed text and the glowing photos will
introduce a world of endless wonder. For adults, the book provides an
easy-to-skim summary of bird biology and behavior.

The text touches on the key points about birds’ morphology, behavior
and ecology. It reviews feather structure, special characteristics (of
bones, feet, eyes, and so on), diet, communication, courtship, nests,
territories, special mechanisms for surviving cold weather, habitat,
migration, the role of birds in seed dispersal, and much, much more.

While much of the information is old news to anyone who has done a
little reading on birds, there are also many less-well-known tidbits.
For example, few experienced birders could explain what makes a
robin’s egg blue. For children, such details are guaranteed
attention-holders. Most readers will find something of interest.

The style is direct, presenting slightly simplified material in a
clear, easy-to-understand manner. The color photos are well chosen to
both illustrate and supplement the text.


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