Baddeck's Gentle Genius: Alexander Graham Bell


48 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 0-88999-433-1
DDC j621.385'092





Reviewed by Christy Conte

Christy Conte is a business analyst and entrepreneur in Ajax, Ontario.


Baddeck’s Gentle Genius is the story of Alexander Graham Bell’s
quest to build the world’s first flying machine. Lamb begins and ends
with Bell’s 36-year love affair with the village of Baddeck, in Cape

Bell chose Baddeck because it reminded him of his beloved Scotland. In
Baddeck, Bell dedicated his life to the dual and sometimes conflicting
pursuits of scientific experimentation and family happiness. Although
the story tells of Bell’s work with kites, hydroplanes, and salt
water, it primarily deals with the Aerial Experiment Association. This
group of brilliant young men pledged one year of their lives to
developing the airplane with Bell.

Baddeck’s Gentle Genius is an interesting combination of local lore
and scientific history, complemented by archival photos and wonderful
line drawings. It will appeal to lovers of Canada’s East Coast,
students of aviation, and children in search of a well-told adventure
story. The author does not attempt to document the scientific details of
Bell’s quest, offering instead a portrait of the man himself: a
kindly, brilliant Canadian legend.


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