A Company of Fools


191 pages
ISBN 1-55041-719-3
DDC jC813'.54




Reviewed by Elizabeth Fisher

Elizabeth Fisher is a former elementary-school principal in Toronto, who
spent 10 years as a teacher-librarian.


This compelling story of friendship found, lost, and retrieved is set in
14th-century France at the time of the Black Death.

Henri’s ordered life is overturned by the arrival of Micah, a street
urchin who is brought to the Abby of St. Luc by Brother Bart. Micah’s
beautiful singing voice gains him entry into the choir and Henri is
instructed to take him under his wing. The reflective Henri forms an
unlikely friendship with the boisterous, impious Micah. When the plague
arrives, the monks bring laughter and solace to the community by
creating the Company of Fools. Micah’s vocal gift at first appears to
effect a miracle, but it soon becomes a dangerous instrument. As Micah
gains fame and fortune, he alienates Henri. It takes the death of the
youngest choirboy, and a final tour by the Company of Fools, to renew
their friendship.

Narrated by Henri, this novel is an authentic and engaging chronicle of
the joys and sorrows of childhood friendships. Highly recommended.


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