Jesse on the Night Train


32 pages
ISBN 1-55037-094-4
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Eugenie Fernandes

Margaret Bunel Edwards is a free-lance writer and author of several
children’s books.


While sleeping on a train with her mother, Jesse suddenly wakes up. Who
is driving the train? She decides to find the engineer in case he is
tired or lonely. On her way through the dining car, she takes a jug of
milk and a chicken leg for him. After the engineer recovers from his
surprise at meeting Jesse, he tells her there are many interesting
things to see in the beam of the train’s big headlight. Sure enough, a
whole herd of moose are dancing to the music of their horns. One moose
is right on the tracks, so Jesse pulls the whistle cord and he
somersaults to safety. When a huge wolf stands in the way, Jesse throws
him the chicken leg. When a bee appears in the train’s light, Jesse
pulls the emergency cord and the train screeches to a stop. She leaves
the engineer drinking his milk, returns to the sleeping car, and
doesn’t worry anymore.

This story will please children with its imaginative solutions to
little problems. It also suggests that when problems are solved, they
are no longer a worry.

The illustrations are colorful and full of details that enhance the
plot. This book will give the reader a great deal of pleasure.


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