Moon and Star: A Christmas Story


32 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-439-97466-6
DDC jC813'.54





Reviewed by Ellie Contursi

Ellie Contursi is a children’s librarian at the London Public Library.


Moon, the loveable pet dog of a toy shop owner, adores all the toys in
the store. But the one he loves the best is Star, a sweet little china
kitten with a star shape on her forehead. As Christmas draws near, the
shopkeeper prepares the Christmas tree for the window display,
decorating the tree with all of her most loved toys. The toy she places
at the top of the tree is intended to watch over all the others, to
ensure that each toy goes to the one who would love it the best.

Late on Christmas Eve, much to Moon’s dismay, Star is purchased by a
wealthy woman. Distraught, Moon follows her home and watches as a young
boy opens the gift. Not impressed with Star, the little boy smashes her
to pieces in anger. Moon is heartbroken, but cleverly rescues her pieces
and makes his way home. A snow storm hits. Moon gives in to it and rests
for the night. While he sleeps, the toy guardian visits him. When Moon
arrives home safely the next morning, he discovers a magical surprise. A
real kitten resembling Star has replaced the broken pieces.

Moon and Star is a heartwarming Christmas tale of love and friendship.
Moon’s dedication to Star makes him the perfect hero in any child’s
eyes. The book’s beautiful illustrations are reminiscent of a time
when Christmas trees were lit with candles and give an old-world flavour
to the story. Highly recommended.


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