Maximize Immunity: And Unleash Your Best Defense Against Illness
best defense against illness


312 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-919951-11-2
DDC 616.07'9






Translated by Tom Rieder
Reviewed by Ian W. Toal

Ian W. Toal is a nurse in Barrie, Ontario.


The basic premise of this book is that human illness is a direct result
of accumulated toxins. We create and obtain these toxins by cooking our
food. Returning to a pure, raw diet and using smell to guide us in what
our bodies need “can help to regenerate natural immunity in order to
help to recover perfect health.”

Taken alone, such a premise is interesting. It is undeniable that
health and nutrition are linked, and poorly understood. Returning to a
simple diet and letting our bodies guide food selection could be seen as
a way of enhancing our general health and well-being. Unfortunately, the
author extends this premise into something resembling bad science
fiction. In this strange world, wild animals live in perfect health,
free from disease or parasites, simply because they eat raw food.
Viruses become benign messengers that insert DNA into our cells, thereby
enabling us to free our bodies from ingested toxins. AIDS becomes
nature’s way of detoxifying specific organ systems by allowing
opportunistic infections into our bodies.

This is classic pseudoscience, wherein fact and fiction become
inexplicably bound. Read it if you want to be challenged or entertained,
and only if you know where to draw the line between fact and


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