How to Pray with Icons. 2nd ed.


32 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 2-89088-348-5
DDC j246'.53





Krystyna J. Higgins is the former book review editor for the Catholic
New Times.


This little book is difficult to categorize. Originally published a
decade ago as “An Introduction for Children,” it is now being
reissued for a more general audience. The book still incorporates a set
of half-page, full-color sticker reproductions of icons in the Church of
Saint Sophia in Rome; these icons are designed to be pasted alongside
the appropriate reflection in the text. As the author describes it, How
to Pray with Icons is “an activity booklet designed to help readers be

Tataryn, a professor of religious studies, describes icons as
“windows onto Heaven.” These highly symbolic and stylized depictions
of major events in the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary are intended
as an aid to prayer and reflection. Each of the dozen icons reproduced
in this book is accompanied by a page of exploratory text and a tropar,
or prayer. There is also a very informative introduction and a
concluding section titled “Suggestions for Parents and Teachers.”

The icon stickers are large and colorful enough to allow for
appreciation of detail and symbol. The language is fairly simple, and
any difficult terms or concepts are clearly defined.

Such a book is of obviously limited appeal. Recommended for adults or
children who are interested in exploring icons as a springboard for
prayer and meditation.


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