Gage Canadian School Thesaurus


144 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-7715-1985-0
DDC j423'.1




Edited by T.K. Pratt

Christine Linge is a past director of the Toronto & District Parent
Co-operative Preschool Corporation, a freelance writer, and a bookseller
specializing in children’s literature.


This volume is aimed at 8- to 13- year-olds and ESL students. A one-page
introduction defines synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, and explains how
an entry word is referenced and cross-referenced. An exciting assortment
of word activities follows, but it is unfortunately limited to two
pages. Incorporating blue-colored ink (for clarity) and well-designed
pictographs, several vocabulary-building exercises (Word Storming,
Adjective Triangles, Exaggeration, Mystery Messages, Word Builder, He
Said / She Said, Overused Word Hunt, and Power Verbs) are briefly

Gage offers several useful features to augment the alphabetical
listings. Small illustrations are used to define easily confused
synonyms such as flour and flower. Some abstract words (such as
structure, illustrated by a spider’s web) are also highlighted. Nouns
that represent large subgroups, such as metals, Sacred Books, and hue,
come with exhaustive lists. The list of musical instruments, from
accordion to zither, is extensive but unfortunately (with the exception
of didgeridoo) focuses on Western culture. Word lists for the next
century will need to include worldwide cultural input.

Although pedestrian in appearance, this is a solid reference volume,
with an adequate range of entries and many inspired additional features
(the list of words borrowed from other languages is surprising and fun).


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