The Science Book for Girls and Other Intelligent Beings


80 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55074-113-6
DDC j500





Illustrations by Pat Cupples
Reviewed by Jean Free

Jean Free, formerly an elementary-school teacher-librarian, is currently
a library consultant in Ontario.


This book follows Nora through a day at school and home as she meets
scientific challenges and learns about the work done by chemists,
geneticists, physicists, and geologists. Brainteasers and puzzles are
included along with suggestions for adapting the ideas presented in the
book to science-fair projects.

The Science Book for Girls is intended to give 8- to 12-year-old girls
a positive learning experience in science-related activities. It helps
parents/teachers to explore scientific questions and to use mathematics
and science in their daily lives with their daughters/students, who are
encouraged to make connections between their daily life and science.
Experiments and suggestions used in the book were tested on more than
400 girls in schools, clubs, and community groups. For this reason,
perhaps, directions are practical and easy to follow.

This long-overdue idea book for young girls and their concerned parents
and teachers boasts an attractive layout, highlighted biographies of
famous scientists, and practical experiments that could be carried out
in any home. Definitely a first-choice purchase for libraries, and a
very useful resource for families. Highly recommended.


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