Safari Beneath the Sea: The Wonder World of the North Pacific Coast


58 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-55110-146-7
DDC j574.92'533





Reviewed by Joan Buchanan

Joan Buchanan is a writing instructor and storyteller, and the author of
Taking Care of My Cold! and The Nana Rescue.


Diane Swanson wrote this book to accompany a series of televised
broadcasts from the B.C., Washington, Oregon, and southern Alaskan
coasts. But one doesn’t need to have seen this highly acclaimed series
to benefit from the wealth of information Safari Beneath the Sea has to

Well-bound pages of durable, glossy paper do justice to the
exceptionally clear color photographs supplied by the Royal British
Columbia Museum. The pleasing layout, with its abundant white space,
also makes for easier reading.

Five chapters cover everything from the broad ocean context, such as
waves and sea exploration methods, to specific descriptions, as in the
“Soup for Whales” section. Inset boxes with a clam logo present
fascinating facts sure to capture children’s interest; “Grass That
Isn’t,” “Kelp Help,” and “Aliens from Another Sea” are some
of the box titles. Another place for unusual tidbits is at the end of
each chapter, where novel news items are listed in point form and
highlighted in bold print. The main body of text is well researched and
directly presented, with enticing subheadings that include “Forests
for Fish,” “Fish That Walk, Fish That Fly,” and “Mammals with
Legless Feet.” Lastly, the index is extensive and uncluttered. A
production to be proud of—highly recommended.


Swanson, Diane., “Safari Beneath the Sea: The Wonder World of the North Pacific Coast,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 16, 2024,