My Cat: A Scrapbook of Drawings, Photos and Facts


32 pages
ISBN 1-55074-125-X
DDC j599.74'428





Illustrations by Brenda Clark

Christine Linge MacDonald is a Toronto-based freelance writer.


With its comfortable letter-size format, hard glossy cover, and satiny
paper, this volume possesses many attributes necessary to a scrapbook.
Since it features several spots in which to glue photos, place your
cat’s paw print, draw aspects of the animal’s behavior, and check
off in multiple-choice arrays the precise description of your personal
feline, a sturdy construction is necessary to the longevity of this
book. Although only of moderate weight all around, it seems adequate to
the task.

The book’s presentation is very attractive, with decorated endpapers,
matching decorative borders on some pages, and cute touches like the
mouse-shaped outlines on the page numbers. Clark’s beautiful
illustrations combine photographic detail with an artist’s knack for
poses and facial expression. Instructions for folding the last page into
a document pocket add to the book’s practical value, although this
usage may further strain the binding.

Baillie, an editor for Chickadee magazine, writes with a friendly style
that delivers feline facts with pleasant enthusiasm and camaraderie.
While exploring 14 different aspects of cat behavior and physiology, the
book also uncovers related aspects of animal science and physics.
Detailed observation of one’s pet is encouraged (e.g., “My cat takes
X laps of water at one time”). The recipes for cat treats are likely
to be tried because the instructions and ingredients are kept very
simple. For the 7 to 11 age group, this book cannot fail to educate and
amuse, and to achieve its aim of enhancing love and respect for animals.
Highly recommended.


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