My Messy Bedroom: Love and Sex in the '90s


157 pages
ISBN 1-55065-064-5
DDC 306.7





Reviewed by Moira Harris

Moira Harris is a graduate student in animal behavior at the University
of Saskatchewan.


“Come on in. I’ll tell you all about it,” writes Josey Vogels in
her introduction to this collection of brief compositions on such topics
as orgasm, serial monogamy, and first-time sex. Vogels approaches her
subject matter with an appealing wry humor, but My Messy Bedroom is
essentially a retread of mainstream women’s magazines. The most
successful chapters tend to be about topics not directly related to love
and sex; particularly engaging is the account of a Regina lingerie shop.
Although the author calls herself a feminist, she refers to adult women
as “girls.” This, coupled with her tendency to retreat into
superficiality whenever a serious or challenging thought is broached,
conveys the impression of a writer bent on obscuring her intellectual


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