More Animal Heroes


100 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 0-590-24903-7
DDC j636





Reviewed by Anne Hutchings

Anne Hutchings is an elementary-school teacher-librarian with the Durham
Board of Education.


Karleen Bradford’s new collection of stories featuring the exploits of
dogs, a cat, and even a polar bear is sure to appeal to animal lovers of
all ages. Some of the stories recount deeds of bravery, such as that of
faithful Topnotch, who, when his master became disoriented and lost in
the woods, refused to leave his side for five days and guided the rescue
team with his barking, or Wrinkles, who scared away the armed thugs who
were trying to rob his owners. Others tell of animals that have
exhibited unusual behaviors, such as Ginny, whose strong maternal
instinct prompted her to adopt numerous stray and injured cats, or Tuk
the polar bear, who saved a tiny kitten from drowning. Each unusual,
brave, or heroic action described here illustrates the strength of the
bond that exists between pet and owner and the extremes to which the
animal will go to please. Recommended.


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