Who Is God?: The Soul's Road Home


144 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 2-89507-373-2
DDC 231





Reviewed by A.J. Pell

A.J. Pell is rector of Christ Church in Hope, B.C., editor of the
Canadian Evangelical Review, and an instructor of Liturgy, Anglican
Studies Programme at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C.


Although the title may suggest a theological tome on the nature of God,
this is a small book of contemplation that seeks to draw the reader into
the mystery of the person and presence of God. The book consists of 46
brief (two to three pages each) meditations divided into three parts.
Part 1, “The Mystery of God,” grapples with the question of who God
is. Part 2, “The Vision of Faith,” focuses on the nature of faith.
Part 3, “Conversion of the Heart,” ponders how to live with God and
for God.

For her meditations, Zaleski draws on the mystical traditions of both
Roman Catholicism of the West and orthodoxy of the East. She gently
draws the reader into seeking God in a whole new way, as a mystery to be
encountered in prayer and worship rather than an object to by studied
rationally. Faith is unfolded as an inner lighting of heart and soul.
The Christian life is a continuing process of being changed by Christ
from the inside out. The reader who seeks to read this book in an
evening will barely skim the surface of what Zaleski has to offer. But
the person who spends time with each meditation, perhaps reading only
one a day and then letting heart and mind linger on it, will be richly
rewarded with a deeper spiritual life.



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