Sayings for Leaders


96 pages
ISBN 1-55059-259-2
DDC 158'.4




Edited by David C. Jones
Reviewed by Danial Duda

Danial Duda is an information services librarian in the Queen Elizabeth
II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Books of quotations are fun to browse for pure enjoyment. They can also
help you find that sentence or paragraph that will enliven your speech
or paper or add to its credibility. The quotations in this small-format
book are divided into five sections: Foundations of a Leader, Techniques
of a Leader, The Leader As …, Dedications, and Epilogue. The main
theme of the book is spiritual and the quotations are intended to help
you realize what your leadership abilities are and what your potential
could be. The quotations come from many sources throughout history:
Seneca, Anais Nin, Winston Churchill, Lee Iacocca, and Lao-Tse, to name
just a few. Philosophies from the Orient and Occident are included, and
the worlds of business, religion, politics, and literature are all

What Sayings for Leaders lacks is organization. There is no table of
contents or index to help the reader locate entries. Thus, if you are
not inspired to create your own “finding aid,” you will have to
resort to browsing to experience the book’s pleasures.


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