The Music Lover's Quotation Book


186 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-920151-37-X
DDC 780





Edited by Compiled and edited by David W. Barber
Reviewed by Ann Turner

Ann Turner is the financial and budget manager of the University of
British Columbia Library.


The quotations in this collection show that music’s appeal is not
limited by geographical or chronological boundaries. Taken from the
writings and sayings of musicians, critics, and other writers from
ancient Greeks to current rock stars, they range from insightful and
amusing to downright vicious. They are organized alphabetically by
subject, with an index to the individuals quoted and works cited.
Numerous caricatures and other drawings illustrate the text. The
quotations and illustrations come from a variety of reference books and
websites listed in the bibliography, but there are no specific links
between them. A little more attention to proofreading would have helped
to avoid the scattering of typos throughout, but it remains an enjoyable
collection that musicians and music lovers can dip into and savour.


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