Paddling and Hiking Ontario's Southern Shield Country


208 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 1-55046-437-X
DDC 796.51'09713





Reviewed by Janet Money

Janet Money is a writer and policy analyst for the Canadian Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation in Toronto.


This beautiful book covers 22 paddling and/or hiking day trips in the
Canadian Shield country of Southern Ontario. Kas Stone provides
information about how to get there, what to look for, options for
turning back early if you’re tired—everything but the trail mix!

A brief rundown of the significance and features of the Canadian Shield
is followed by plunging right into the adventures. For Killarney, for
example, Stone provides a history of the area, explains access to the
provincial park, and details three treks or paddles, including one
outside the park on the northern shore of Georgian Bay that combines
paddling and hiking. Other areas covered are Frontenac, Bon Echo,
Achray, Silent Lake, the Petroglyphs, Algonquin’s Corridor, the Frost
Centre, the Massasauga, Grundy, Mississagi, and Superior.

Dog owners will appreciate an appendix devoted to helpful suggestions
for taking their canine chums along on these trips, and all readers will
find useful data in the “contacts” list that ends the book.

Stone’s own photos are a valuable addition to the book, showing over
and over what Ontario has to offer other than cities and suburbs.


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