Jivin' Johnny's Let's Talk!: Learning Through Discussion


112 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-9686403-7-0
DDC 371.39'5





Reviewed by Luke Lawson

Luke Lawson is a teacher and administrator in Vancouver, B.C.


Any teacher—or parent for that matter—who is having a problem
initiating class (or family) discussion on various topics will be very
pleased with this practical book. Each chapter centres on a different
theme, including “couples,” “daily life,” “arts,” “modern
world,” and “past, present and future.” Each theme is then divided
into subthemes. For example, the couples chapter has discussion points
on dating, love, marriage, divorce, and parenting. To stimulate
discussion, each segment presents a brief story followed by
thought-provoking questions. As the author states, this is “not a book
for three-minute solo performances” but rather a book designed to
encourage discussion and create a unique learning experience.

Where the book really shines is in its adaptation of all these
discussion points into various teaching methods: small-group discussion,
full-class discussion, panel discussions, oral presentations and
impromptu speeches, formal and informal debates, and writing projects.
While Jivin’ Johnny’s Let’s Talk! is extremely accessible (even
for teens), many of the fine ideas in this book may never be explored as
the teaching time to have these discussions in school may be somewhat


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