Ghost Stories of America, Vol. 2


248 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-894877-31-4
DDC 398.2'0973'05





Reviewed by Lisa M. Rohlmann

Lisa Rohlmann is a freelance writer in Shelburne, Ontario.


The haunting stories in this much anticipated second volume go back well
over 200 years and are organized into six intriguing chapters:
“Unsolved Mysteries,” “Haunted Hospitality,” “Ghost of the
Frontier,” “Wandering Women,” “Haunted History,” and
“Southern Spirits.”

Of particular interest is the story about the Eddy family. All 13
children and their mother had the ability to communicate with departed
souls. They suffered horribly as their father tried to rid them of this
gift, believing they were cursed by the devil. He poured boiling water
down their backs and placed hot embers in their hands. Finally, hoping
to starve the devil out of them, he chained the two most gifted boys to
a tree in the forest.

Very strange is the story of a ghost writer who “wrote” several
books through a medium and even had them published 300 years after she
died. One of her books was a massive epic titled The Sorry Tale, which
provided accurate and specific details of the time Christ walked on
earth. Then there’s the tale of the famous Molly Brown who survived
the Titanic disaster in 1912, whose turbulent life inspired the musical
The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and whose house in Denver, Colorado, is
haunted not only by her but also by her mother and her husband as well
as an array of other ghosts.

This fascinating and entertaining collection will be enjoyed by fans of
the paranormal.


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