Fishing Hot Spots of the Upper Fraser Valley


95 pages
Contains Illustrations, Maps, Bibliography
ISBN 0-88839-307-5
DDC 799.1'09711




Reviewed by Anthony G. Gulig

Anthony G. Gulig teaches history at the University of Saskatchewan.


Angling has become one of the most popular North American pastimes. This
book will be welcomed by those new to the sport. Those already familiar
with the techniques required to fish the areas mentioned in the book
will be less receptive. It is no cliché that the last thing avid
anglers want is to have their best fishing holes revealed in a book that
is available to all. The maps included in Fishing Hot Spots will lure
otherwise unskilled anglers to some of the most productive regions in
the Fraser Valley. There is little information here for those who are
already familiar with the region.

The single most valuable aspect of this guide is the information
concerning the accessibility of and water conditions at the various
“hot spots.” Information about catch-and-release philosophy is
minimal. This is another work concerned more with catching fish than
with protecting and enjoying the resource. Although the author briefly
describes how to release fish, he fails to explain why such practices
are necessary. Safety tips are also absent from the discussion.


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