Gage Canadian Dictionary Intermediate. Rev. ed.


1408 pages
ISBN 0-7715-1996-6
DDC 423




Illustrations by Lewis Parker and Lazare & Parker
Reviewed by Nora D.S. Robins

Nora D.S. Robins is Collections Co-ordinator (Internal) of the
University of Calgary Libraries.


The GCD Intermediate forms part of the Dictionary of Canadian English
series of graded school dictionaries. It builds on the simpler and
smaller GCD Junior while preparing students for the larger and more
sophisticated Gage Canadian Dictionary.

Originally published in 1979, the GCD Intermediate contains many new
entries and meanings, while many more have been revised. The
introductory section, “Getting to Know the Dictionary,” should be
read by all users. It serves as a detailed guide to using the Dictionary
and incorporates a considerable number of teacher-prepared exercises
that give students practice in using it.

Each entry word is printed in large, bold type. Many definitions are
followed by one or more examples of the word in use. These examples may
be illustrative phrases or complete sentences. The numerous fistnotes
provide appropriate information on homonyms, usage, pronunciation,
synonyms, and etymologies. Canadian spellings, regional variants, and
uniquely Canadian words are prominent. Explained in the introductory
section (but not against each word) is the fact that when there are two
forms of an entry word showing two alternative spellings, the form given
first is most common in Canada as a whole. More than 800 entries are
accompanied by pictures, and many of these pictures are accompanied by
informative captions.

The appendix is packed with useful information: a table of measures; a
periodic table of elements; a biological classification of animals and
plants; a geological time chart; money currencies; Canadian military
ranks; examples of wind chill factors; Beaufort scale of wind speeds;
and an air quality index.

The Dictionary has a sturdy binding and good-sized print. It will be
useful in schools and homes or wherever information about Canadian usage
is needed.


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