USA Facts 1991: An International Business Comparison


100 pages
ISBN 0-921894-07-4
DDC 330.973'0927




Edited by George Gritziotis
Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeffrey Moon is Documents Reference/Data Centre Librarian at Queen’s


USA Facts 1991 is a rich compilation of U.S. and international
statistics that highlight America’s position in the world business

Statistics are culled from a variety of sources, including: the U.S.
Department of Commerce and other government departments; private
information agencies, such as Time Magazine Inc. and CITICORP; and a
variety of associations and foundations. Statistics describe basic
demographics and social factors, including a section on “quality of
life,” as well as such infrastructural topics as the economy,
transportation, education, research and development, technology, labor,
finance and banking, communications, and energy. In addition,
more-specific business-oriented statistics are covered, including trade,
competitiveness, corporations, markets, industry, and foreign

Tables and graphs are presented clearly, with U.S. content highlighted.
Data are reasonably timely, given the difficulties that can arise in
compiling international information. Some tables have data as current as
1990, although these data are almost invariably forecasts. Data in other
tables range in their currency from 1987 through 1989. Historical tables
present data as far back as 1975.

There are several useful figures and compilations put together by the
publisher. For example, one figure provides a map of the United States
with concentric circles showing one- and two-day trucking distances from
major metropolitan centres.

USA Facts provides a condensed version of the “business” statistics
included in the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Where the
Statistical Abstract provides depth, USA Facts provides focus. For
example, USA Facts presents several tables that list specific company
names (e.g., Top US Acquisitions Abroad, Top US Nonfinancial
Corporations). The Statistical Abstract, on the other hand, presents a
broader range of statistics by company type or industry sector, with no
mention of companies by name.

Overall, USA Facts 1991 provides a concise digest of domestic and
international business statistics. This and others in the Facts series
are valuable tools in responding to users’ business-related
quick-reference needs.


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