Learning ACCPAC Plus


276 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-201-53095-3
DDC 657'.0285'5369






Reviewed by Ann Turner

Ann Turner is Financial and Budget Manager at the University of British
Columbia Library.


One of the leading microcomputer-based accounting systems on the market,
ACCPAC is widely used in both business and non-profit sectors.
Consequently, there is continued need for large numbers of clerical and
accounting staff to learn how to use the package.

The two authors are college instructors and corporate trainers, with
considerable experience in teaching computer skills to adults, ACCPAC in
particular. They employ a highly interactive computer-assisted-learning
approach, using the system as a hands-on training aid in a series of 27
easy-to-follow tutorials. Students explore in detail the three most
commonly used modules (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts
Payable) by reading the explanations in the text, then following the
instructions to bring up the displays on their screens. With the sample
data provided on diskettes packaged with the publication, students can
work through the annual accounting cycle with typical transactions.

The approach is suitable for both self-teaching and class instruction.
It requires that students have basic accounting knowledge. It also
requires access to ACCPAC Plus software, Version 5.0, on an ibm at or
compatible equipped to read 5ј- or 3Ѕ-inch diskettes. Users will find
it an engaging, practical, and cost-effective method for learning the
necessary skills.


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