Honoured in Places: Remembered Mounties Across Canada


224 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography
ISBN 1-894384-39-3
DDC 363.2'092'271




Reviewed by Louis A. Knafla

Louis A. Knafla is a professor of history at the University of Calgary,
the coeditor of Law, Society, and the State: Essays in Modern Legal
History, and the author of Lords of the Western Bench.


Honoured in Places is an alphabetical listing of all the places that
bear the names of, and were named by, officers of the North-West Mounted
Police (NWMP), Royal Northwest Mounted Police (RNWMP), and Royal
Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), prefaced with a six-page history of the
forces to 1950. The entries are four lines to two pages long, and the
content is equally varied, ranging from informative biographical
sketches to stories (e.g., building a famous house, a search-and-rescue
operation, a major crime solved).

The work is based on the authors’ research in local libraries and
government archives in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the
Northwest Territories. The illustrations include several small portraits
and maps. The appendixes consist of the place names of the Divisions, an
honor roll of those who lost their lives in service, a map and itinerary
of The March West in July/October 1874 (III), and the officers involved
in the North-West Rebellion of 1885. Unfortunately, the bibliography
omits most of the scholarly literature, which may explain why the text
lacks the kind of color and substance it might have had. The lack of an
index is even more regrettable.


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