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Title Author Year Publisher
Parsons, Robert C. 2008 Creative Publishers
2002 Nimbus Publishing
Ladd, Grace F. 2003 Nimbus Publishing
Hill, Beth, with Cathy Converse. 2003 TouchWood Editions
Parsons, Robert C. 2004 Creative Book Publishing
Mason, Adrienne. 2003 Altitude Publishing Canada
Parsons, Robert C. 2002 Creative Book Publishing
Lundy, Derek. 2002 Random House of Canada
Boudreau, R.L. 2000 Nimbus Publishing
Pagh, Nancy. 2001 University of Calgary Press
Baird, Donal M. 2001 Nimbus Publishing
McKay, Colin. 1993 Roseway Publishing
Parsons, Robert. 1999 Creative Book Publishing