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Title Author Year Publisher
Whalley, Peter 1984 Hounslow Press
1984 Eden Press
Ritter, Erika 1984 Macmillan of Canada
1984 Eden Press
French, Orland 1984 Methuen Publications
Donato, Andy 1984 Grosvenor House Press and the Toronto Star
1984 Doubleday Canada
Sage, G. Arthur 1985 Eden Press
French, Orland 1985 Methuen Publications
Orkin, Mark M. 1986 Stoddart
Malcolm, Murray 1986 Western Producer Prairie Books
Keller, Betty 1986 Horsdal & Schubart Publishers
Donato, Andy Key Porter Books
Willis, Paul K. 1987 CBC Enterprises
O'Connell, Dorothy 1987 Steel Rail Publishing
Mosher, Terry 1987 McClelland & Stewart
Edwards, Bob. 2004 Brindle & Glass Publishing
Davies, Robertson. 1993 Dundurn Press
Fraser, John. 1996 McClelland & Stewart
Engel, Howard. 1997 Key Porter Books
Samuel, Julian. 1995 Mercury Press