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Title Author Year Publisher
Parsons, Robert C. 2003 Creative Book Publishing
2003 University of Toronto Press
Sider, Gerald. 2003 Broadview Press
Rohmer, Richard. 2003 Creative Book Publishing
Barton, Anthony. 2003 Breakwater Books
2003 University of Toronto Press
Bannister, Jerry. 2003 University of Toronto Press
Hubbard, Mrs. Leonidas (Mina Benson). 2004 McGill-Queen's University Press
Parsons, Robert C. 2004 Creative Book Publishing
Simon, Elizabeth. 2004 Weigl Educational Publishers
Butler, Paul, and Maura Hanrahan. 2005 Flanker Press
Gough, Ruby L. 2005 McGill-Queen's University Press
Jarvis, Dale. 2005 Flanker Press
2005 Flanker Press
Goldie, Raymond. 2005 Flanker Press
Rich, Len. 2005 Jesperson Publishing
2005 Canadian Museum of Civilization
Andrews, Jan. 2005 Scholastic Canada
Mowat, Farley. 2006 McClelland & Stewart
2006 Nimbus Publishing
Pierson, Stuart. 2006 Flanker Press
2006 Creative Book Publishing
Galgay, Frank, and Michael McCarthy. 2006 Creative Book Publishing
McGrath, Robin. 2006 Creative Book Publishing
Fitzgerald, Jack. 2006 Creative Book Publishing