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Title Author Year Publisher
Leroux, John 2010 Goose Lane Editions
Rees, Diana, with Ronald Rees. 2009 Goose Lane Editions
Arsenault, Chris. 2009 Fernwood Publishing
Léger, Diane Carmel. 1991 Orca Book Publishers
Lappi, Megan. 2004 Weigl Educational Publishers
Beckett, Harry. 2001 Weigl Educational Publishers
Campbell, Kumari. 1997 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
McDermott, Barb, and Gail McKeown. 1999 Reidmore Books
McDermott, Barb, and Gail McKeown. 1999 Reidmore Books
Gann, Marjorie. 1996 Grolier
Wilbur, Richard, and Peter Dickinson. 2003 Formac Publishing Company
Sarty, Roger, and Doug Knight. 2003 Goose Lane Editions
Rees, Ronald. 2003 Nimbus Publishing
Léger, Maurice A., and Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc. 2003 Nimbus Publishing
Jones, Ted. 2003 Nimbus Publishing
Dallison, Robert L. 2003 Goose Lane Editions
Atkinson, Brian. 2003 Nimbus Publishing
Soucoup, Dan. 2005 Dundurn Press
Parsons, Robert C. 2006 Pottersfield Press
Folster, David. 2006 Goose Lane Editions
Kert, Faye. 2005 Goose Lane Editions
Campbell, Gary. 2005 Goose Lane Editions
Walker, Willa. 2006 Goose Lane Editions
Sawler, Harvey. 2005 Nimbus Publishing
Desmond, Lawrence A., and Donna M. Norell. 2004 Gravelbooks