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Title Author Year Publisher
Davison, Peter 1986 Anglican Book Centre
Marshall, Michael 1985 Anglican Book Centre
Nelson, Leslie 1984 Brook Farm Books
1986 Detselig Enterprises
Churchill, Allen D. 1982 G.R. Welch Company
Reid, W. Harold 1982 G.R. Welch Company
Carson, Alan, and Robert Dunlop 1982 General Publishing
Danyluk, Joe J. 1985 Guidance Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
Aliago, Barbara 1985 International Self-Counsel Press
Goldenberg, David M. 1985 International Self-Counsel Press
Gurr, David 1984 McClelland & Stewart
Silverstein, Alan 1985 Stoddart
Hyde, Christopher 1985 Totem Books
Wexler, Jerry 1984 Véhicule Press
Mallone, George 1985 Welch Publishing
1984 Wood Lake Books