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Title Author Year Publisher
Stone, Ted 1984 Western Producer Prairie Books
Carlisle, Jock A. 1985 University of Toronto Press
Bucil, Milan B. 1985 Seven Oaks Publishers
Fischler, Stan, and Shirley Fischler 1984 Penguin Books Canada
Taylor, Richard 1984 Oberon Press
Bailey, Don 1984 Oberon Press
Avery, Martin 1984 Oberon Press
Borge, Tomas 1984 New Star Books
McDonald, D.R. 1985 NC Press
Golani, Rivka 1985 Mosaic
Wicks, Ben 1985 Methuen Publications
French, Orland 1985 Methuen Publications
Caulfield, Jon 1985 McClelland & Stewart
Bissoondath, Neil 1985 Macmillan of Canada
Simpson, Jeffrey, and Ged Martin 1985 Macmillan of Canada
1984 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Greene, Graham 1985 Lester & Orpen Dennys
1985 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Zolf, Larry 1984 Key Porter Books
West, Willis J. 1985 Heritage House
1985 Canadian Football League
Boyer, Barbaranne 1985 Boston Mills Press
Beaudin, Michael 1984 Avon Books of Canada