Facts Figures and Records, 1985


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-458-99830-3




Reviewed by Nicholas Pashley

Nicholas Pashley was a bookseller and a freelance writer and editor in Toronto.


The book of Canadian Football League facts and figures is dedicated to “the greatest sports fans in the world — our fans” by CFL Commissioner Doug Mitchell. Recent attendance figures reveal that the CFL’s fans have been avoiding the domestic product in ever-increasing numbers, and the 1985 season was characterized by half-empty stadiums across much of the country, as fans complained that the Canadian game had become dull and uninspired. The League’s very survival has been questioned.

There is little evidence of any such pessimism in this handsome volume, published by the CFL. The league has produced a glossy, highly professional book that is both informative and very readable. If the CFL’s on-field product were as substantial and attractive as this publication, the league might not be experiencing its current troubles.

The book begins with studies of the teams that comprise the CFL, listing the personnel of each from president to typists. This section covers club records, stadium information, profiles of general managers and coaches, and 1985 team rosters. This is followed by 55 pages of information, photographs, and career records of active CFL players from Roger Aldag to Ben Zambiasi. Subsequent sections of the book cover individual award winners, members of All-Star teams and the CFL Hall of Fame, a history of the League, and complete year-by-year standings from 1907 to 1984. The rules of the CFL are included in a 22-page chapter that illustrates officials’ signals and provides names and numbers of all active CFL officials.

Facts Figures and Records 1985 is the definitive reference book for fans of the Canadian Football League. Attractively designed and well laid out, it must answer nearly any question the Canadian football fan can pose, except those that deal with the survival of the game in this country.


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