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Title Author Year Publisher
1982 New Star Books
Overy, Bob 1982 Harvest House
1982 Progress Books
Betcherman, Lita-Rose 1982 Deneau
Levitt, Cyril 1984 University of Toronto Press
Aster, Howard, and Peter J. Potichnyj 1983 Mosaic Press
Wiseman, Nelson 1983 University of Manitoba Press
1984 New Star Books
Fournier, Louis 1984 NC Press
Nagata, Judith 1984 University of British Columbia Press
Keenan, Charles J. 1984 Cappis Press
Mandel, William M. 1985 The University of Alberta Press
Fuentes, Carlos 1985 CBC Enterprises
Howard, Victor 1985 Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina
Moszkiewicz, Helene 1985 Macmillan of Canada
Stewart, Gordon T. 1986 University of British Columbia Press
Owram, Douglas 1986 University of Toronto Press
1986 New Star Books
1986 Whitecap Books in association with the Gourmet Group, Faculty Women's Club, University of British Columbia
Gough, William 1987 Penguin Books Canada
McCrorie, Brad 1987 Doubleday Canada
Doell, Barbara, Dianne Winsby, and Pat Pollard 1987 Doubleday Canada
Patterson, Freeman 1987 Key Porter Books
Keith, Janet. 1991 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
1992 Wilfrid Laurier University Press