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Title Author Year Publisher
Waddington, Miriam 1982 Mosaic Press
Welch, Liliane 1983 Fiddlehead Poetry Books
McNeil, Florence 1984 Thistledown Press
Massel, Dona Paul 1983 Third Eye Publications
Knight, M.L. 1982 Childe Thursday
1983 Quadrant Editions
Conn, Jan E. 1984 Fiddlehead Poetry Books
1984 Mosaic Press
Brouillet, Chrystine 1984 General Publishing
Blais, Marie-Claire 1984 Lester & Orpen Dennys
Descarries-Belanger, Francine, and Micheline de Sève 1985 Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
Clarke, Austin 1985 McClelland & Stewart
1985 Netherlandic Press
Musgrave, Susan 1985 McClelland & Stewart
Moure, Erin 1985 House of Anansi Press
Korn, Rachel 1985 Aya Press
Brewster, Elizabeth 1985 Oberon Press
Wyatt, Rachel 1985 House of Anansi Press
Shields, Carol 1985 Stoddart
Donald, C.M. 1986 Ragweed Press
Conn, Jan 1986 Signal Editions
Brossard, Nicole 1986 Guernica Editions
Black, Ayanna 1986 Williams-Wallace
Radu, Kenneth 1987 The Muses' Co.
Keefer, Janice Kulyk 1987 Ragweed Press