Quotable Pop: Five Decades of Blah Blah Blah


136 pages
ISBN 0-920151-50-7
DDC 781.64





Edited by Phil Dellio and Scott Woods
Illustrations by Mike Rooth
Reviewed by Jerremie Clyde

Jerremie Clyde is a reference librarian at the University of Alberta.


Aside from being collections of quotes, these two books have little in
common. Quotable Alice is disjointed, difficult to read, and not
remotely quotable. While the book includes the excellent illustrations
of Sir John Tenniel, the reader would probably be better off searching
the original books for quotes than using the ones presented here.
Quotable Pop, on the other hand, is an entertaining look at pop music
icons from Lionel Richie to Gene Simons. Organized loosely by subject
(ego, art, fans, fame, etc.), the book has delightful illustrations and
includes a list of all the quoted musicians and their bands. While
Quotable Pop would be a credit to almost any library collection,
Quotable Alice will probably appeal only to diehard fans of Lewis


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