Everybody Wins: Games for Active Learning in K-6 Classrooms


96 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 1-55138-123-0
DDC 372.133'7




Illustrations by Dorothee Wolters
Reviewed by Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas is a middle-school guidance counselor, teacher, and social
worker in Milton, Ontario.


David Booth, a recognized name in elementary education, teams with
Almuth Bartl to create this energetic resource for teachers of young
children. Another in the family of handbooks featuring cooperative
games, this collection of almost a hundred activities takes many
time-honored ideas about old-fashioned fun and presents them in a bundle
of low-cost ideas for group work with children.

The format is simple, the book easily packed up in a youth leader’s
knapsack. The instructions are straightforward and the supplies easily
gathered. The illustrations, while not necessarily helpful, are
entertaining and set the mood. A modest bibliography is also included.

Although the subtitle points to “K–6 classrooms,” this book
should not be restricted to school settings. Child-care workers in
after-school programs, youth leaders in community groups, and volunteers
in recreation programs will find these ideas workable. Everybody Wins
offers lots of great ideas to help you get started.


Booth, David, and Almuth Bartl., “Everybody Wins: Games for Active Learning in K-6 Classrooms,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed April 12, 2024, https://cbra.library.utoronto.ca/items/show/8828.