Another End of the Road


72 pages
ISBN 0-9685257-0-9
DDC C811'.54





Reviewed by Olga Costopoulos

Olga Costopoulos teaches English at the University of Alberta.


Those of us familiar with Mary T. McDonald’s poems are delighted to
see a collection in print. It was long overdue. The poems here are
honest, unpretentious, and very carefully worked. Most are reminiscences
of a Depression-era child, spent as an inmate of too many rural
teacherages. They evoke the whole period, from dippers in water pails to
the stark, drought-scorched prairies. But they do so without any trace
of sentimentality. The poet has an unerring eye for the telling detail
that illuminates a whole scene or reveals a character in sharp relief.
One feels a close acquaintance, if not kinship, with the speaker’s
Aunt Ellen, an indomitable old-style lady who wears a woollen bathing
suit and sews for the local burghers’ wives. The individual experience
is universalized in these finely wrought poems, which transcend their
time and place.


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