Stompin' Tom and The Connors Tone, Vol. 2: The Legend Continues


648 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 0-670-86488-9
DDC 782.42164'2'092




Reviewed by Jack S. Broumpton

Jack S. Broumpton is an assistant professor of music at Huntington
College, Laurentian University.


Connors’s first book, Before the Fame (1996), chronicled his childhood
and musical upbringing. Written in the style of a diary, this follow-up
volume focuses on the author’s introduction to the world of the
professional musician. The ups and downs of Connors’s career are
recounted here in chronologically organized stories that exude humor,
humility, and forthrightness. As readers, we gain insight into the man
and his music and are simultaneously entertained by a cast of colorful
characters. The only thing missing is an index to facilitate quick


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