Garth Turner's 2000 RRSP Guide


222 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 1-55263-106-0
DDC 332.6'042





Reviewed by Koos A. de Beer

Koos A. de Beer is an ESL instructor in Vancouver, B.C.


This well-written and accessible guide provides answers to FAQs and tips
on maximizing the benefits available (e.g., spousal contributions), and
covers such topics as incorporating your mortgage in your RRSP and
managing a self-directed RRSP account.

The author stresses the importance of contributing early, and
continuously, to an RRSP. In the first chapter, he outlines the reasons
why RRSPs will become vital in providing retirement income. In
subsequent chapters, he points out the benefits of investing in stocks,
strip bonds, and mutual funds (Turner is no fan of GICs) and discusses
how you should adjust the equity and bond weightings in your portfolio
over time. All in all, Turner makes a strong case for investing in an


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