Jivin' Johnny's a Teacher's Notebook: Reflections and Inspirations from the Classroom


112 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-9686403-3-8
DDC 371.102





Reviewed by Koos A. de Beer

Koos A. de Beer is an ESL instructor in Vancouver, B.C.


This charming book is divided into three sections. Part 1, “Teaching:
It’s About Love and So Much More,” explores what teaching is all
about. Jivin’ Johnny discusses how teaching is centred on love (of
kids and learning), giving (attention, knowledge), liberation (freeing a
student’s mind), risking (trying new methods), questions (thirst for
understanding), community (values, history), and finally, inspiration
and the future. Part 2, “Natural Resources,” looks at some resources
for those trying times all teachers experience. Jivin’ Johnny reminds
us what kids give —“the gold in the classroom,” he calls
it”—and has some suggestions for teachers, parents, and students for
making the classroom and learning meaningful again. Part 3, “Yearbook
Snaps,” is a poignant a look back at teachers and students who have
affected us. In this section, teachers are reminded that students have
life situations that affect their learning. For teachers who have
temporarily forgotten why they got into the profession, this book is an
eloquent reminder.


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