How Ottawa Spends, 2001-2002: Power in Transition


348 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-19-541669-4
DDC 354.710072'2




Edited by Leslie A. Pal
Reviewed by Joseph Garcea

Joseph Garcea is a professor of political Studies at the University of


Produced by the Carleton’s school of Public Policy and Public
Administration, How Ottawa Spends is an annual review of federal
governance. This particular volume examines various facets of the
federal government’s policy and management agenda. The strategic use
of the Charter and the courts for policy and management purposes
policies is analyzed, along with policies and programs for the voluntary
sector, people with disabilities, the environment, and regional
development. The book provides useful perspectives on the evolving
agenda of the Chrétien government as it started its third term in
office following its election victory in 2000. How Ottawa Spends,
2001–2002 is a timely and useful volume for those seeking to broaden
their understanding of issues of governance.


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