Two for the Show


260 pages
ISBN 0-88754-579-3
DDC C812'.540809283




Edited by Brian Kennedy

Ian Burns Maclennan is an assistant professor of theatre arts at
Thorneloe College, Laurentian University.


Two for the Show is a collection of short acting scenes compiled by a
veteran of the Ontario secondary-school system. The scenes, which are
intended for use by students in the early years of high school, are all
taken from plays written by Canadian authors.

In his introduction, Kennedy addresses each of the groups for whom the
book is written: the drama teacher, the English teacher, and the student
actor. The latter group is introduced to the process of rehearsal and

As the young actor progresses through the book’s four sections, the
scenes become increasingly difficult. Students not only acquire new
skills, but also take on the challenge of developing more complex
characters. As Kennedy notes, whereas many anthologies are “set in an
adult world,” Two for the Show features scenes from plays with young
protagonists. This emphasis makes the book a good starting point for
young actors.


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