Your Toronto Blue Jays 25th Anniversary Collection: A Year-by-year History


187 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-55022-458-1
DDC 796.357'64'09713541





Reviewed by Ian A. Andrews

Ian A. Andrews is editor of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association’s Focus and co-author of Becoming a Teacher.


As the Toronto Blue Jays completed their 25th season in major league
baseball, Jefferson Davis prepared a short, diverse, and entertaining
volume of facts, quotes, and personality profiles to commemorate their
first quarter century. From entry into the American League in 1977 until
the end of 2001, each season is summarized in five to seven pages.

The year’s statistical leaders in eight major categories are listed.
A few of the major highs and lows of each year are briefly presented,
followed by a profile of one player or manager who made a noteworthy
contribution to the season. Quirky and/or insightful quotes, a few
selected box scores, and photos complete the summary.

The standard format for each season features a collection of
idiosyncratic factoids that include traditional selections, such as Blue
Jay Firsts, Best Trades, Most Frequent Trading Partners, and Unsung
Heroes, as well as unusual selections such as Longest Surnames on Blue
Jays Uniforms, Best Toms, Grouches and Hot Heads, and Snake Pits
(stadiums where the Blue Jays have had difficulty winning). This volume
provides a quick refresher course on the talents and the talented who
plied their trade at Exhibition Stadium and the SkyDome.


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