A Season in Dornoch: Golf and Life in the Scottish Highlands


242 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-7710-7570-7
DDC 914.11'65




Reviewed by C.E. (Kit) Lefroy

C.E. (Kit) Lefroy is the director of the School of Sports Administration
at Laurentian University.


The northern Highland village of Dornoch is only a short walk from the
Royal Dornoch Golf Course, which has near-mythical status for many
golfers. Some 25 years after his first visit, Canadian broadcaster and
author Lorne Rubenstein returned to Dornoch to rediscover the simple
joys of golfing. In doing so, he discovered that the game of life and
the game of golf are more about accommodating imperfections than
overcoming them. “To play links golf is to acknowledge that nature,
not the golfer, dictates play” is perhaps the quote that best sums up
the author’s philosophy. Besides his personal journey of rediscovery,
Rubenstein’s informative book touches on Highland history, golf
history, and links geology, and offers an engaging profile of the
Highland people (chiefly the Dornochers and their customs).


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