Toward Wisdom: Finding Our Way to Inner Peace, Love and Happiness


183 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-88882-151-4
DDC 128





Robert B. MacIntyre is head of the Psychoeducational Clinic at the
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.


On the path toward becoming a fully aware human being it is delightful
to meet others traveling the road toward what Macdonald calls
“wisdom.” This book describes the author’s transformation from a
narrowly focused engineer who knew he had the answers to a more broadly
aware human being who advocates the cultivation of widely focused
attention and letting go of wanting as a way of achieving contentment.
Although the book discusses a variety of practices that can lead to
increased wisdom and contentment, there is no evangelizing beyond the
author’s insistence that, as individuals and as a culture, we need to
evolve from being need-based to being “wisdom oriented.” Macdonald
writes well and is able to present ideas from psychology and Eastern
thought in a straightforward systems framework. Readers will find in
this book many ideas that will assist them in their quest for personal


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