Out of Love


211 pages
ISBN 0-920953-88-3
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Hugh Oliver

Hugh Oliver is editor-in-chief at the OISE Press.


As this articulate and cleverly crafted novel opens, a middle-aged
publisher from Toronto, lately separated from his wife, learns that his
adored 20-year-old son, who is backpacking around Europe, has been
imprisoned in Athens. He sets out to free him and becomes embroiled in
the Greek political scene. (It is the mid-1970s, and the Junta has just
surrendered power, but the ESA—the Greek police—are still an
unpleasant force to be reckoned with.) In the process, he becomes
involved again with his Greek mistress, from Toronto, who is acting as a
political go-between. Neither compelling enough to be a first-rate spy
story nor profound enough to be a love story, Out of Love nevertheless
manages to keep the reader hooked.


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