A Farther Shore


324 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-00-255439-9
DDC 133.8




Robert B. MacIntyre is head of the Psychoeducational Clinic at the
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.


Beginning with her own near-death experience in the Canadian north,
Kason presents a logical and well-reasoned argument for accepting
reports of many extraordinary experiences as valid descriptions of
aspects of spiritual growth. She shows how the phenomenon of Kundalini
awakening, as described in the works of Gopi Krishna and others, can
account for the visions and feelings reported in many near-death and
paranormal experiences. Yvonne Kason is a medical doctor and a founding
member of the Kundalini Research Network, a group working toward the
scientific verification and understanding of Kundalini.

What is striking about this book is the down-to-earth nature of
Kason’s interpretations of the data she presents. Although obviously
she is well versed in Eastern and Western writings on spiritual
awakening, she presents her interpretations in easily accessible terms.
Kason sees spiritual awakening as normal and part of the human nature,
not as something esoteric or rare. Activities such as the practice of
yoga, meditation, and other spiritual disciplines can begin the
Kundalini awakening, as can other forms of intense concentration, such
as prolonged study. As a result, individuals can find themselves
undergoing a paranormal experience without conceptual preparation for
it. Many of Dr. Kason’s stories come from such individuals who have
consulted her about the resulting crisis in their lives. Her suggestions
for dealing with spiritual emergency crises are equally straightforward:
follow a balanced lifestyle with adequate diet, regular exercise, and
sleep; do light practice of yoga or Tai Chi; do brief prayer or light
meditation; attempt to resolve psychological conflicts; and be of
service in the world.

Those who have experienced extraordinary or paranormal events in their
lives, and members of the families of such persons, will find this
grounded and sensible book a help in understanding the phenomenon Kason
calls Kundalini awakening and also some of the more unrealized of our
human potentials.


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