Achieving Wealth for Canadians


212 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-7715-9033-4
DDC 332.024'.01





Reviewed by Michael Kasoian

Michael Kasoian is an elementary-school principal in Burlington,


This book focuses on wealth-building strategies for middle- and
upper-income earners in Canada. The author asks you to look at what’s
happening to your money and what you can do with it, and then shows you
how to manage your wealth once you have it. He tells us about Harry, a
53-year-old dentist; his wife, Dolly, the dental office manager; and
their net income of $180,000 as an example.

What Levalliant calls the “Great Restructuring” in the 1990s is the
challenge posed when your disposable income declines while the consumer
price index shows little change—taking care of your money becomes a
battle of taxes and inflation against wealth-building compound growth.
Levalliant’s strategies for making the most of healthy incomes include
tax planning, tax savings, tax deferrals, tax shelters, estate planning,
and taking advantage of investment opportunities. In the appendices, he
includes “a business/financial calculator” and “individual pension
plan projections” for users who wish to project wealth accumulations.
Levalliant’s message is basic: seek good financial advice, recognize
it when you find it, and act on it. This message may be clear, but it is
not new.


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