The Money Manager for Canadians: The Practical Guide to Making Your Money Grow


236 pages
ISBN 1-895653-10-X
DDC 332.6'78'0971




Reviewed by Raymond B. Blake

Raymond B. Blake is an assistant professor of history at Mount Allison
University and the author of Canadians at Last: Canada Integrates
Newfoundland as a Province.


This is not an easy book to read unless you are terribly interested in
charts, tables, and statistics. Despite failing algebra in his first
term in the eighth grade, Henry B. Cimmer was obviously turned on to the
subject later and he now believes that it is impossible to make any
“real life” business and investment decisions without using
mathematical analysis and tables. Consequently, more than half of this
book is a compilation of mathematical tables showing 12 different
financial calculations. Table One, for instance, gives the compound
return on one dollar if invested monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or
annually for one to 50 years for interest rates between 3 and 18
percent. Although this table runs some eight pages, Cimmer provides the
compound-interest calculations only for whole numbers! With the
exception of two strong chapters, one on life insurance and one on
leasing, there is little to recommend this book.


Cimmer, Henry B., “The Money Manager for Canadians: The Practical Guide to Making Your Money Grow,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed June 14, 2024,