The Canadian Dictionary of Abbreviations


396 pages
ISBN 1-55022-196-5
DDC 423'.1





Edited by Compiled by Thérèse Dobroslavic
Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeff Moon is Head of the Maps, Data, & Government Information Centre (MADGIC), at Queen's University


This compilation of 18,000 English- and French-language abbreviations,
initialisms, and acronyms commonly used in Canada is a revision of
Abbreviations: A Canadian Handbook (1985). The dictionary includes
entries for business, finance, government, academia, the military, the
arts, entertainment, and many other fields. Canadian societies,
institutions, and selected local organizations/institutions are
represented, in addition to international organizations in which Canada
holds some partnership, membership, or affiliation.

The dictionary includes IASSIST (International Association for Social
Science Information Services and Technology), but not CAPDU (Canadian
Association of Public Data Users); TLC (The Learning Channel) and MTV
(Music Television), but not YTV (Youth Television); P4P (Pagans for
Peace Network), but not P4W (Prison for Women). More English/French
cross-references should be provided to simplify the often daunting
process of identifying “equivalent” abbreviations in both official
languages. Such criticisms aside, this is a thorough and useful
compilation of Canadian abbreviations that can be recommended for home
or library use.


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